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Cognitive stimulation classes are a successful way of treating mild to moderate dementia symptoms, MCI, TBI, and stroke related cognitive impairment. 

These classes provide fun social and cognitive engagement, with games and activities to challenge memory and build brain cognition by creating new neural synapses and building reserves in brain functioning ability.

Evidence suggests that cognitive stimulation treatments for symptoms of dementia, in some cases, can be more beneficial than medication treatments.

Through my experiences working with people that have cognitive challenges, I have gained an understanding of how hard it can be for you to make it through each day trying to keep up with the world around you.

And as someone with decades of experiences as a caregiver, I know just how hard it can be to watch your loved one suffer. It can be so overwhelming to try to find the best possible care for them. I have spent many hours researching resources in the area to meet the needs of those in my care.

When I learned about cognitive stimulation, I knew I needed to become a certified instructor so that I could bring much needed relief for those who have brain health illness/injury or challenges and for those who care for them. 

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  1. Cognitive stimulating activities designed to exercise memory, attention, executive functioning, and create learning!
  2. Socialization! Classes are designed to help you or your loved one connect with other members of their peer group.
  3. Class options include weekly or biweekly meetings.

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To guarantee the best possible results, its recommended that you attended every class.

Ready for you or your loved one  to thrive, make BIG improvements to their quality of life, and live life to the fullest?