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Cognitive Stimulation Classes Designed to help you:

Cognitive Stimulation is a cognitive training program that exercises the brain in memory, attention, executive functions, spatial awareness, and socialization. Cognitive stimulation has been around for 10-15 years and has proven effective for treating mild to moderate dementia symptoms, MCI, TBI, and stroke-related cognitive impairment.

What is Cognitive Stimulation?

  1. Cognitive stimulating activities designed to exercise memory, attention, executive functioning, and create learning!
  2. Socialization! Classes are designed to help you or your loved one connect with other members of their peer group
  3. Class options include weekly or biweekly meetings.

To guarantee the best possible results, its recommended that you attended every class.

About the Class

By coming to class regularly, class members should begin to notice improvements in their cognitive functioning. This could include memory, attention, executive function, and/or social functioning and quality of life.

TCCS offers a small, intimate class setting in a comfortable space that feels like home. In this small group setting, participants will receive more individualized attention and instruction, and will have a greater opportunity to participate. In this setting, they will be more likely to feel at home in their surroundings, which will help them progress in their cognitive development and increase their quality of life.

Here's How it Works